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Sport Horse Classifieds & More!

Warmbloods & Sport Horses For Sale! Jumper, Eventing & Dressage Horse Video Classifieds. Broadcast your horse, saddle, stable, training services, or equine related business.

Sell your sporthorse or saddle & promote you business with photos, video, and map!

Horses For Sale

warmbloods and other breed horses for sale
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American Warmbloods, Dutch Warmbloods,
Canadian Warmbloods, More Breeds...


SportHorse360 offers much more than just sport horses for sale.

Sell or shop for any sporthorse for dressage or jumping!  If you don't see your horse's breed on the list, just ask about adding it after you list your horse.

Saddles For Sale

warmbloods and other breed horses for sale
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Shop for or sell English saddles including dressage, jumping, and all-purpose. 

Saddle & Sport Horse Classifieds

  • Photos - Add photos and have them auto-resized on save.
  • Map Location- just type in your address and let Google map your horse or saddle's location.  Be as specific as you want be.  Just select town and state for privacy or select your entire address for on the spot locating.
  • Videos- Add a video to play in your horse ad from popular sites like YouTube.
  • Twitter- Horses & saddles are also announced on Twitter.

Stable, Trainer, & Business Directory

The Directory is here.

You can now list your stable, training, or other equine business in our directory!

  • Add photos, video, & set your map location anywhere in the world.
  • Get placed on a larger map for potential customers to browse. 

The directory will have listing levels to fit every budget. Learn More...



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